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Who should receive my business card? What is a correct handshake? Where do I sit the guest-delegation? What type of ink shall I use to sign the contract with my Asian partners? When is the right time for toasting? Is BMW just a car? Which colour is the “power suit”? Your Excellency, or Mr. Ambassador? How do I organize a signing ceremony properly? Which side on the table should our flag be put on? What does “smart casual” attire mean? Should I bring a gift? Which gestures are unacceptable for a persuasive speech? Should I give a press statement and how?

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Who are we?

The Protocol Academy of Macedonia® and the Protocol Academy of Kosovo® are the only institutions of this kind in the country offering protocol and etiquette training following the curriculum of the Protocol School of Washington®, the leader of the protocol industry in the USA. The curriculum is professionally designed and it is the result of more than two decades of experience and combines the most modern world protocol practices. It guarantees the highest level of training to all who recognize the importance of the protocol intelligence worldwide.

What will you gain?

In the spotlight

  • The International Protocol Forum in Washington, DC

    The International Protocol Forum was held in Washington DC, on 11 August 2014. The Director of the Protocol Academy of Kosovo, who is a member of the International Association of Protocol and Diplomacy Officers attended the Forum as the only representative of the region.