Protocol Academy of Macedonia® and Protocol Academy of Kosovo®

The Protocol Academy of Macedonia® and the Protocol Academy of Kosovo® are the only institutions of this kind in the country offering protocol and etiquette training following the curriculum of the Protocol School of Washington®, the leader of the protocol industry in the USA. The curriculum is professionally designed and it is the result of more than two decades of experience and combines the most modern world protocol practices. It guarantees the highest level of training to all who recognize the importance of the protocol intelligence worldwide.

The Protocol School of Washington®

The Protocol School of Washington® is the leader in protocol and etiquette services, which has established excellence by providing protocol and etiquette training and certification. Dorothea Johnson, founder, had the foresight in 1986 to conduct research that revealed a basic lack of poise.

Pamela Eyring, the school’s director has built upon the school’s outstanding foundation of quality principles and performance. Through certification and approving of exclusive national licences, The Protocol School of Washington® continues to shape the growth of the industry globally. The Protocol School of Washington® is the most trusted name in the industry, celebrating more than two decades as the global leader in protocol and etiquette training and certification. The School is authorized in the International Education and Training (IACET) to provide Continuing Education Units.


Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska is founder and director of the Protocol Academy of Macedonia® and the Protocol Academy of Kosovo®. She is an international consultant in corporate and diplomatic protocol and etiquette, certified by The Protocol School of Washington®.

Dr. Maljkovic Atanasovska has doctoral degree in political sciences with her doctoral dissertation on the international standards that shaped the development t of the diplomatic protocol, Master degree in internationalaffairs and diplomacy with a thesis that explored the similarities and differences of the American and European diplomatic protocol, and a bachelor degree in English language and literature and Italian language and literature.

She specialized at Professional Linguists in Cambridge, and the School of Public Relations in London and received training on protocol the State Department Regional Training Center in Frankfurt, the George Schultz National Training Center in Washington and the Foreign Service Professional Studies School in Washington as well as the European Commission in Brussels. Dr. Maljkovic - Atanasovska is a member of the Protocol & Diplomacy International Protocol Officers Association, seated in Washington, USA.

Her background represents a long career in the protocol, public relations and relations with the media. Dr. Maljkovic Atanasovska has been an active participant and speaker on numerous international conferences and trainings in protocol and is the author of several academic research works on diplomatic protocol. She has been continuously conducting protocol training for Macedonian state institutions. In 2003 she received the “Benjamin Franklin Award” of the State Department for developing a protocol data base for the Embassy and was voted one of the ten Most successful women-managers for 2008 by the Agency MARILI.

She is also an accredited conference interpreter at the EU institutions, the ICTY, OSCE, UN and other international organizations. She speaks Croatian, English and Italian, and passively uses Spanish and French.