Hospitality industry etiquette (hotels, restaurants and hospitality services)

This is the industry where the first impression is the lasting impression! Did you know that your guests return because of your dazzling service and not your interior design? Are your employees radiating politeness, professionalism, confidence and credibility? People remember the smiling waiter and the courteous receptionists, not the crystal glass or expensive chandeliers. Invest in your service, be remembered as the best restaurant, cafeteria, hotel…where your service is top-notch and your staff is professional and confident. Amaze your guests, predict their wishes, handle their complaints with poise and professionalism…master the etiquette of serving, accepting orders and suggestive communication. Outclass your competition!

Children’s Manners (7-13)

Children’s etiquette training is a wonderfully interesting training for children – it teaches them the basic courtesy rules at home, at school, at public places. It guides them through the etiquette maze when communicating with adults or peers. It helps them overcome stage fright, communication skills, shyness….teaches them on diversity...table manners...and all of this through games and practical examples.

Etiquette for Teens (14 – 19)

Prepare your teenagers to step into the world of adolescence and adulthood, where competition is strong!

Invest in their knowledge of etiquette rules — help them know how to handle themselves in social situations, get what they want, feel confident and good about themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. The training will guide them through situations where knowledge of etiquette should be a part of their CV.

Customer is King

Good customer service is the lifeblood of your business. Making customers return, will keep your business alive. If you are working with clients, customers, consumers, buyers on daily basis, this is the training for you. Master the customer relationship building, proper client etiquette, learn how to meet their needs and resolve complaints, how to address their different mentalities, habits and cultures.