“Appearance is the anthem – conversation is the ball game” – Berry Farber

First impressions set the stage for further success. Savvy executives who practice proper business etiquette generate positive first impressions which open doors to expanded opportunities.

Our knowledge of how to move through life with grace is what makes us happy in the job. Traditional customs and rituals remain in place in the codes of behaviour that can make you a rising star on the business horizon.

Outclass the Competition will guide you through various situations and teach you on the proper corporate conduct and interaction. It will prepare you to be a part of this fast growing industry through interactive and support materials and practical and simulated exercises. Candidate will start with basic courtesies of addressing and titles, business cards and netiquette and will be able to organize complex business meetings and negotiations. This module includes dress code signals and tutorial on make-up.


“If you ever have to chose between the trainings on advanced Accounting and Table Manners, go for the knife and fork” – Harvey, Mackay

Eating is not an executive skill. But it is especially hard to imagine why anyone negotiating a rise to the top would consider it possible to skip mastering the very simple requirements…

Tables are not the place for conducting business, but many business deals and agreements were concluded right after an enjoyable lunch or dinner. You may be forgiven for mistaking the spring asparagus risotto in pastry timballo for a chicken potpie - but raising your glass to toast yourself is a faux pas that is remembered!

Dine like a diplomat will give you an overview of table etiquette and contemporary dining and entertaining customs – starting from the idea, the invitations, the guest-lists, the seating charts to sending thank-you notes- and will help those in charge of planning and orchestrating receptions, cocktails, dinners, ceremonies and other special events.


“ I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant” – Oscar Wilde

Globalization of businesses can be a great challenge, but a limitless field for faux pas. Most mistakes stem from ignorance rather than from bad intentions. Multicultural manners, now when business is more international than ever, are recognized by savvy executives as an essential etiquette and protocol intelligence. Cross-cultural miscommunication, misunderstanding and misconception can have the most serious consequences, and not just on your business.

This module will help you comprehend unfamiliar behaviour and will cast some illumination upon cultural rules and traditions of other religions and nations, including gestures.


“Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest things in the nicest way” - Goldberg

Protocol is a set of rules prescribing good manners in official life and in ceremonies involving governments and nations. Those rules are best recognized in diplomacy as an internationally recognized system of courtesies.

The emergence of many new nations to roles of responsibility in world affairs and the growth of multilateral diplomacy has inevitably resulted in proliferation of diplomatic contacts. This not only highlights the importance of protocol but should remind us that the protocol brings to the meeting of world leaders a mixture of good manners and common sense which make effective communication possible. It is necessary that contacts between nations be made according to universally accepted rules or customs. That is Diplomatic Protocol.This module will help you master the communication with highest state officials and the diplomatic core, as well as the skills to organize ceremonies, such as signing of documents, groundbreaking or ribbon cutting.


“Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind” – Rudyard Kipling

Speaking before an audience is a skill that requires so much more than technical preparations. This module will help you master the basic principles and practices of speech preparation.

The Art of Speaking will guide you through the organization of thoughts (mind-mapping), the elimination of dull facts and the sketching of the speech. This module will help you avoid the most frequent speaker’s traps, teach you how to fight nervousness and captivate your audience, how to utilize your charisma and charm and how to introduce humour in your speeches and deal with journalists.

This comprehensive part of the training will increase your proficiency and you will be able to convey your message and be remembered as the best speaker ever.


Protocol with the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric (for Protocol Academy of Macedonia® only)

This is a complementary training which gives an excellent overview of protocol rules when working with church dignitaries.

Trainer: Father Boban Mitevski, Protocol Expert and Counselor to His Beatitude g.g. Stefan, the Archbishop of MOC - OA

Military Honors

This is a complementary training which gives an overview of military honors and ceremonial during high visits.

Trainer: Sande Smiljanov, Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Defense of RM

Wine and Dine

This is a complementary training in the Dine like a Diplomat module, which brings us closer to the rules of wine serving, wine tasting and its pairing with food.

Trainer: Bobi Zdravkovski, sommelier

Make-up Tutorial

This is a complementary tutorial offering practical training for the ladies on differentiating between day and evening make-up. The training includes practical class of applying make-up.

Trainer: Magdalena Velova, Professional Make-up artist

Speak your Language (for Protocol of Macedonia® only)

This training gives an overview of the most common language mistakes made in written and verbal communication, as well as of the linguistic traps that distort the verbal message in speaking.

Trainer: Patricija Maljkovic Petrovska, Certified Macedonian linguist and lecturer

Dance with Us

This training takes us to the magic of waltzing…

Trainer: Aleksandar Petrovski, owner of Alexandria Dance Academy