What will you gain? You will…

  • Learn the corporate rules of conduct with subordinates, peers and superiors
  • Differentiate from and outclass competitors by enhancing professional image
  • Increase professionalism, politeness and competence in various forms of corporate, social and diplomatic networking and communication and communication
  • Improve the quality of service provided to beneficiaries, partners, general public
  • Build positive customer relationship with courtesy, class and politeness
  • Create pleasant, positive, conflict -free work environment built on self-respect and mutual respect
  • Build team-spirit, self-confidence and boost morale of the staff
  • Avoid corporate missteps and diplomatic faux-pas
  • Improve official, formal and informal communication with local state authorities
  • Improve proficiency in working with foreign partners and foreign community
  • Enhance knowledge about multicultural differences in a multi-ethnic society
  • Ensure personal development by learning etiquette skills, dress code and dining skills
  • Build skills for preparation and organization of representational events which portray image of a success
  • Improve communication skills and PR with the media, stakeholders, beneficiaries and general public