The International Protocol Forum in Washington, DC

The International Protocol Education Forum is traditionally organized every year as a prestigious event on which protocol officers from all over the world share experiences, good practices and learn the latest trends in protocl profession.

The Forum is organized in a very interactive manner, where participants work in various workshops and attend lectures, but also increase their skills and competences by networking. The lecturers are eminent diplomats and protocol gurus who share their knowledge and experience from working in government institutions, diplomatic missions, international organizations, cultural and  educational institutions and so on.

This year, the particiants of the Forum, who are members of the eminent International Association of protocol and diplomacy officers, had a remarkable opportunity to attend valuable lectures that expand their expertise. "You make us look good", said Ambassador of Canada to USA. And indeed, the main role of every protocol officer is to make their boss look good.

Please view our gallery for more insight in the Forum.