Full time training

The full-time training is organized in 60 classes (60 min.) for the basic modules and 10 classes for complementary modules which are selected by the participants.

The schedule is advertised for each training.

The training is dynamic and interactive and it is designed following the latest models of adult learning, in classes of no more than 15 persons. Each module is followed by staging concrete situations to enable the participants can exercise what they learnt. Training includes slides, pictures, video clips and concrete examples, as well as a practical part with simulation of situations.

The training is conducted in Macedonian language( knowledge of the English language is highly recommended) or English language. The participants will receive the teaching materials which are copyrighted by the Protocol School of Washington®.

Business dress code is recommended during the training.

Short trainings

Short trainings can be two-day, three-day, six-day or eight-day workshops or trainings, but other formats are not excluded. They can be organized in the premises of the Academy, at the client’s premises or at a third location.

In-house trainings

In-house trainings are organized per client’s request, for the whole or selected members of the staff. The client may choose the topics and the type of training that meets his-her needs. The training is held at the location and at the time that is most convenient for the client.